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The FLIR/Embedded Logix Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) provides a world class screening system to detect EBT as people are coming into an area. Utilizing the world largest and best in class thermal camera manufacture together with the power of Embedded Logix Smart LX software, we are able to screen people with EBT to an accuracy level of +/-0.3°C. The EBT solution is a non contact system that adhere to the CDC recommended 6 feet social distance guidelines.
  • Uses FDA recommended inner eye canthus for measurement 
  • Designed by Test and Measurement Professionals
  • Highly accurate scans and reliable analytics
  • Extremely fast scanning/high throughput
  • Interoperability with Access Control, VMS and Contact Tracing Systems
  • Modular design: All-in-one blackbody/camera assembly, enables turnstile, desktop, and wall mount deployments. Mounting of control panel can separate from scanning optics.
  • Analytic Insights – warnings on trends by campus, entrance, detection point, or by individual.
  • 24/7 Equipment self diagnostics with notifications to recipient list
  • VMS integration with analytic decorated stream for better insights
FDA Guidance Compliant
Smart-LX ensures a person’s face is within correct distance from camera as established by the FDA Guidance - The blackbody and the person should have 20 x 20 pixels on target. When the camera is not in focus on a person, the temperature will be reported lower than it really is, potentially causing a person with EBT to be judged as within the normal threshold. Competitors claim to scan groups at varying distances, that is not accurate and is not recommended by the FDA .

We read eye canthus, not forehead or other area of face. Inner eye canthus is best proxy to core body temperature. Competitors reading forehead or with glasses on are not accurate and it is not advised by the FDA.

One person at a time as recommended by FDA - More than one person being scanned in a scene is not recommended because it is inaccurate for temperature measurement. A person must be very close to the camera in order to measure the FDA recommended inner eye canthus with the proper number of pixels on target.

Smart-LX True Cavity Blackbody versus flat plate type - Heat convection off the surface of the plate causes instability of reference temperature until it stabilizes again causing misleading compensation in the short term. A cavity type minimizes this effect.
Ease of Installation
Smart-LX is an all-in-one design in front of person – No need for tripods and cords draped across the floor for a blackbody. Only 1 outlet required at 10 amps total current draw.

Modular design for installing control panels remotely from optical scanning unit. Especially useful when space is limited or the aesthetics of a location require a more sophisticated deployment. Control panel can be located 10 feet away from optics/screen. Optional extension
increases distance to over 200 feet away from optics/screen.

Smart-LX® Sensor Gateway with edge analytics scans for EBT and provides verdict. When connected to access control the EBT verdict can be added to the badge verdict before allowing access.