Mifram’s Security Division is a leading developer and provider of physical defense systems.  The vast majority of the division’s products are original products, designed and manufactured by Mifram using unique technologies adapted to the client’s specific needs and expected threats. Mifram’s leading product is the Mobile Vehicle Barrier line. MVB3X is a non-lethal solution that helps stop vehicles and assists vehicular control.
System Advantages:
  • One person to install
  • One person to dismantle at the end of the event
  • One minute for each section to be connected
  • Quick access in case of an emergency 
  • System can be used as an active gate
  • Assembled without the need of any tools
  • Folds for easy carrying 
  • Easy to store
  • Zero maintenance 
  • Complete modular system. System can be as short or long as the event requires.
MVB3X ASTM Certification
MVB 3X Assembly 
MVB Assembly
Samson ASTM Certification

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