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FLIR Thermal:

With the best-in- class thermal cameras FLIR has been providing the military and security market with the most advanced Thermal cameras in the industry. With an unmatched bumper to bumper warranty and a 10-year warranty on the camera core FLIR stands behind its words that they carry the best cameras in the market. Thermal cameras range from 320x240 & 640x480. FLIR also manufactures stationary and PT Thermal cameras for almost any application.

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FLIR Enterprise:

Now you can…Experience open-standard, network-based Video Management System solutions that feature the most user-friendly operation available on the market today. From entry-level to enterprise, FLIR boasts innovative technology across its range of VMS platforms and products. VMS platforms are available in Latitude, Horizon & Meridian to meet your specific needs.

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Smart LX:

The Smart-LX® Platform enables existing sensors and offers a wide variety of unique sensors that can combine to create an intelligent asset monitoring solution. With 30 years of test and measurement experience we offer a scalable, extensible solution with analytic dashboards that can be expanded from multiple sensors at multiple sites to a complete enterprise solution. Data exchange is custom tailored to accommodate weak backhaul and with our cellular and satellite options even "no backhaul" sites can be connected to your enterprise. Our software enables ordinary sensors to become extraordinary solutions from infrared cameras to water ingress sensors creating an Industrial Internet of Things on steroids!

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EBT Solution.JPG

FLIR/Embedded Logix - EBT Solution:

The FLIR/Embedded Logix Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) provides a world class screening system to detect EBT as people are coming into an area. Utilizing the world largest and best in class thermal camera manufacture together with the power of Embedded Logix Smart LX software, we are able to screen people with EBT to an accuracy level of +/-0.3°C. The EBT solution is a non contact system that adhere to the CDC recommended 6 feet social distance guidelines.   

Duevi is the manufacture of the Photon advanced IR system. The Photon system is a small barrier sizing at only 1-inch wide x 1-inch deep IR barrier with detection capability up to 260 linear feet. The Photon can be installed indoor or outdoor. One of the unique features of the Photon is its capability to internally Rotate 180° allowing for easy and quick installation.


Mifram’s Security Division is a leading developer and provider of physical defense systems.  The vast majority of the division’s products are original products, designed and manufactured by Mifram using unique technologies adapted to the client’s specific needs and expected threats. Mifram’s leading product is the Mobile Vehicle Barrier MVB. The MVB is a non-lethal solution that helps stop vehicles and assists vehicular control. The MVB is assembled without any tools and can be moved from place to place. The MVB also has a unique pivoting system that can be used as an access gate for emergency vehicles. Read More >>      View Multimedia>> 


The MAGOS Radar is an advanced radar and cost effective perimeter protection solution for both rural and more saturated environments, without compromising detection performance. By utilizing state of the art MIMO & Digital beam forming technology, it covers an area of more than 250,000m2(>61acres) with a detection range of up to 1,300 feet (400m) for walker and 2,000 feet (600m) for vehicle/boat, and yet consumes extremely low power with a small form factor. It boasts an ultra-high range accuracy giving it excellent performance in cluttered environments. Its small size, low power consumption and low weight make it simple to install and renders it ideal as a deployable system. Read More>>                                    View Multimedia>>

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