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Advanced Security Technologies LLC (AST) is a cutting-edge business development firm operating in the physical security arena. We bring value to market and our customers, while expanding business for our manufacturing partners.  AST provides innovative solutions to complex security scenarios using portfolio of best-in-class technologies.

AST brings over 40 years of experience to the commercial security market. Our premier partners specialize in key market segments and possess authoritative expertise of current industry requirements, best practices and optimal outcomes.

AST’s technology portfolio includes complimentary products from leading manufacturers creating operational synergies via functional integration. Customers will be offered complete, yet, open solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. 

We take pride in the products we represent and greatly value the people we do business with.  


Why work with AST

Customers establishing a relationship with AST have intimate access to a network of subject matter exports with an impressive track record of developing the best solutions to complex security requirements.  


For a manufacturer, hiring a sales and business development firm is a cost-effective way to leverage expertise versus the expense of an in-house sales force with the associated costs of salary, medical insurance, workers compensation, HR, travel and entertainment. 

Manufacturers’ representatives are not just experts on your product; they also are experts in their industries and often identify synergies among complimentary technologies which create more opportunities and more sales. 

Our focus is:

  • Distinguished Representation

  • Sales Channel Management

  • Specifying with A&E firms

  • Bringing Value to Integrators  

  • Working closely with End Users

  • Solution Selling in a Complex Marketplace

 AST's work experience with the manufacturers and end users best positions us to understand the full scope of a large security project. AST works with manufacturers to provide all the pertinent information necessary for a smooth equipment purchase, installation, commissioning and the maintenance of systems over the long term. We help take the guess work out of establishing operational requirements, marshaling resources, and seeing the project through as envisioned by every stakeholder in the process.  

It was an easy decision to hire AST as our contracted sales representative. You keep business acumen and the strategic planning to position AST in the security market paid immediate return to FLIR.

Bill Klink, Vice President of Sales, FLIR Security

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