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PHOTON professional high security infrared barriers
The PHOTON Infrared Intrusion Detection System has set a new standard for all active infrared barriers on the market today, awarded as “Most innovative product” during then Detector International Award 2007 in Stockholm.
The PHOTON System is called “The Great Small Barrier” for a good reason. Each tower can provide a 260 feet of intrusion detection coverage – while physically measuring just over 1 inch wide.
The PHOTON system provides maximum protection while reducing false alarms typically associated with active infrared systems. Unlike conventional systems, the PHOTON Infrared Barrier System can be set up in minutes, thanks to the convenient test unit and various features of the barriers.
Our test unit is a portable device that accurately aligns and verifies the correct positioning of the infrared beams, which can rotate 180° with a single rotation of the mechanism ROTAX.
There is no barrier on the market more reliable, discrete and effective.
Using the ROTAX system
Alignment using the ROTAX and tester
Small Object Immunity
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